5 Ton 15 Seer Goodman Package Heat Pump – GPH1560M41

 5 Ton 15 Seer Goodman Package Heat Pump - GPH1560M41 Buy Now on Amazon.com

5 Ton 15 Seer Goodman Package Heat Pump – GPH1560M41 was listed on Amazon for $4,299.00, selling for $2,837.72 USD brand new. Manufactured by Goodman. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Energy-efficient compressor with internal relief valve.
  • Two-stage heating & cooling on 4 & 5 ton units.
  • Fully charged R-410A system.
  • EEM (X-13) blower motor.
  • Liquid-line filter dryer.

Packaged Units include all of the central AC components in one package that sits exterior to the living environment. The exhaust and return ductwork is brought from the inside of the building to the outside packaged unit. Ground (horizontal) and rooftop (vertical) models available, as well as convertible (multiposition) units. Indoor noise is reduced to airflow movement only. Package units avoid the need for an indoor component as well as heating/cooling loss due to long refrigerant lines. Please consult with your licensed HVAC contractor to ensure unit is correct for your installation.

5 Ton 15 Seer Goodman Package Heat Pump - GPH1560M41

Buy Now on Amazon.com

Buy for $2,837.72 brand new

Save 34% ($1,461.28) by purchasing on Amazon.com

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