AK2800 Crack Jet – Heat Lance Crack Cleaning System

 AK2800 Crack Jet - Heat Lance Crack Cleaning System Buy Now on Amazon.com

AK2800 Crack Jet – Heat Lance Crack Cleaning System was listed on Amazon for $4,500.00, selling for  USD brand new. Manufactured by Asphalt Kingdom. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Call for shipping prices to Canada (877) 661-4631
  • Shipping time is usually 10-14 days
  • Three-wheel cart with swivel front wheel Push-Pull Design
  • Detachable heat lance Weight 6.5 Lbs/5.5 Ft Long With Stainless Barrel and Orifice.
  • 5.5 HP heavy-duty Honda engine with oil alert
  • Two-cylinder single stage air compressor

The AK2800 Crack Jet is the state-of-the art durable machine to clean, dry, etch, blow out and remove vegetation and debris from cracks and prepares them for crack filling. Beware of cheaper Chinese replica’s that won’t last…this machine is made in North America!

The AK2800 torch throws at 2800 degrees followed by a blast of 90cfm compressed air that is able to blow out even the toughest debris from the cracks. Your surface will be perfectly prepares for new asphalt or sealant. This is the only system of its kind.

For Residential or Commercial use. We have a variety of crack filling and asphalt maintenance equipment options in our store.

AK2800 Crack Jet - Heat Lance Crack Cleaning System

Buy Now on Amazon.com

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