Industrial Air Contractor CWA5591016.4 10-Gallon Chopper Wheelbarrow Oil-Lube Air Compressor, Orange

 Industrial Air Contractor CWA5591016.4 10-Gallon Chopper Wheelbarrow Oil-Lube Air Compressor Buy Now on

Industrial Air Contractor CWA5591016.4 10-Gallon Chopper Wheelbarrow Oil-Lube Air Compressor was listed on Amazon for $1,313.00, selling for $1,347.49 USD brand new. Manufactured by Industrial Air. There are 3 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Extra large center tire allows for a tight turning radius
  • Fits through standard 30-Inch door frame and under tonneau truck cover
  • Pump/motor positioned to rest weight on the tire and not on handles
  • 10.3 CFM at 90 PSI
  • 155 max PSI

Includes Contractor 5.5 HP 10 Gallon Oil-Lube Chopper Wheelbarrow Air Compressor with Honda Engine – CWA5591016.4
Product Description The Industrial Air CWA5591016.4 jobsite wheelbarrow compressor has all of the features and durability to work long days on the job, week after week, year after year. If there ever is an issue, common parts and an extensive service network is always close by. With a unique 10 gallon tank, a 5.5 hoursepower Honda OHV engine, and a machined aluminum twin cylinder pump with cast iron sleeves this unit will keep a large crew running full bore when the days are long and the work is plentiful. Machined Aluminum, Twin Cylinder Pump This 155 psi Industrial Air twin cylinder pump delivers a whopping 10.3 cfm @ 90 psi to run up to 7 nail guns at a time. Machined out of thermally stable aluminum with cast iron sleeves this oil lube pump is designed to run cooler at high rpm. The aluminum pump body dissipates heat while the cast iron sleeves deliver high wear durability in the cylinders. Powerful and Reliable Honda OHV Engine Reliability. That’s what you get with Honda engines. Reliable performance, reliable parts, reliable service. This Honda 5.5 hoursepower OHV engine churns out high rpm to keep the Industrial Air twin cylinder pump running at peak output. H4X Remote Air Hub The Industrial Air 10 gallon compressor comes with a unique detachable H4X Remote Air Hub. The H4X allows you to tap directly into the tank. Simply detach the H4X from the EZ on/off docking station and run a half inch supply line off the 1/2 inch unregulated supply connection to your work area.The H4X comes with two high flow regulators and is expandable to four. This set up brings the full potential of unregulated air close to the job. This gives each nail gun a recovery rate that is 4 times faster than a standard splitter set up leaving fewer nail heads sitting up. Each tool can also be regulated separately from the rest. And there is no need to climb up and down ladders. Since the H4X is on the roof, the nail gun pressures can be easily tweaked. The H4X can also remain attached to the compressor and operate like a standard set up for quick jobs. For more detailed information regarding the H4X search item number 041-0099IC. “Chopper” Design for Easy Mobility This Industrial Air 10 gallon jobsite compressor comes with a single extra wide pneumatic tire and a “wide stance” handle design. These combine to make for a compressor that moves over rough terrain with ease while remaining balanced from the wide stance and low profile. In addition, the engine, and pump are mounted close to the tire giving the compressor a “light” feel by putting most of the weight on the tire and not the handles. At 30 inch wide and 19 inch tall, this compressor will fit through 30 inch doors and under tonneau truck covers. With hand grips located both front and back, this Industrial Air compressor can easily be lifted into the back of a truck by two people. Comes With This Industrial Air 10 gallon compressor comes with two working pressure gauges and regulators on the H4X, an oil filled tank pressure gauge, locking regulator knobs, and vibration pads for use on hard surfaces. In addition, the belt and flywheel are fully adjustable for tensioning and enclosed in a durable metal guard (No cracked plastic here). About MAT Industries LLC Based out of Long Grove IL, MAT Industries manufactures air compressors, outdoor power equipment and pressure washers under a wide variety of brands. With manufacturing in Springfield MN, Jackson TN, and other sources MAT offers a wide range of product specifications for home owners and professionals alike.

Industrial Air Contractor CWA5591016.4 10-Gallon Chopper Wheelbarrow Oil-Lube Air Compressor

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Buy for $1,347.49 brand new

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