DEWALT D55146 Air Compressor Review

DEWALT D55146 4-1/2 Gallon 200-PSI Hand Carry Compressor with Wheels

Dewalt Air Compressor Product Features and Specifications 

81SZ5--sVQL._SL1500_Dewalt offers a 4 gallon air compressor with a hand-carry option that is designed for use on most construction jobs.

  • The Dewalt D55146 comes with a 200 psi tank storage pressure. This will provide the user with up to 80 percent more usable air than the compressor which is known to be the leader in the industry. 
  • The compressor functions at 5 SCFM which allows 90 PSI. This will allow the tank to charge quickly after it has been exhausted, limiting the amount of wait time on the job. 
  • The tank runs at 1.6 horsepower that is gained from electric power. It can be run with a single power cord for ease of use. 
  • The compressor also comes with a one year limited warranty on all parts. Additional protection plans are also available, as necessary. 

In spite of being a high pressure system, the Dewalt air compressor D55146 runs an efficient motor so it can still be run with a 12 Ga. power cord. It has a consistent amp draw that requires less equipment, making it easier to manage the unit with limited electrical resources on site. It is also quite durable, meaning it can be run outdoors or in heavy-duty work sites without difficulty.

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Dewalt Air Compressor D55146 Product Benefits 

The Dewalt D55146 air compressor was specifically designed to address some of the issues that raised eyebrows about similar products in the past.

  • The steel tank is designed to be durable. It includes a vertical stand feature that allows the user to transport the unit more easily. When in the vertical position a collapsible handle can be used to move it with ease. 
  • The 4 gallon air compressor is also on wheels to eliminate the need of dragging the compressor. The wheels are designed to be used in uneven or cluttered surfaces; there is less risk that the compressor will tip during transport. 
  • The system uses the EHP efficient high pressure system. This helps to extend the motor life of the compressor while allowing for a longer pump during use. 

The system also employs a 78 dBA noise level so you can count on a quiet work environment with this unit; this is an optional feature which can be turned off if you feel as though it interferes with your work.

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What Users Like about the Product 

There are numerous features of this unit which regularly gain appreciation from those that purchase the Dewalt air compressor.

  • The 200 psi air compressor is solid. Users notice that the gauges, controls and wheels are all made out of heavy duty materials that help to guarantee the fact that the compressor will last for years. 
  • Many appreciate the wheels, reporting that unit is much easier to move around a job site, compared to other models. The wheels do not get stuck and do not add extra weight to the compressor that would make it difficult to toe it into a truck after use. 
  • Users appreciate the fact that compared to other models the noise level on this compressor is somewhat low. It appears to be the noisiest in the initial 15 minutes after being turned on, after which the unit regularly maintains pressure at a low volume level. The system also does not vibrate heavily while in use. 

Many are marveling at the price of the Dewalt D55146 compressor, noting that it is quite affordable compared to other models that reach 200 psi. While this is not a cheap compressor, users feel that the price point is reasonable.

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What Users Don’t Like about the Product 

The 200 psi air compressor also has a few kinks which could impact the user experience.

  • The D55146 parts are designed to sit in a compact way, which makes the system a bit difficult to drain. This seems to be a problem both in the horizontal and vertical position. 
  • Some find the 200 psi is a bit of overkill. They report that while it is nice that the system offers this kind of power, it is unlikely that they will use it. Users seem to prefer that the system utilizes 5.4 CFM at 90 psi which opens up a lot more options for tools that can be used with the system. 
  • When it arrives, some have reported that the gauges on the Dewalt compressor D55146 are very tight and difficult to use. Replacement parts are available for those that believe that this is impacting their ability to use their compressor system properly. 

Water buildup is one of the top causes of compressor damage or failure. Those that are concerned that their Dewalt compressor is not draining the way it should, can tilt the system to a 45 degree angle to help remove excess moisture. Draining the compressor often is encouraged, to ensure that the system does not take on damages as a result. 

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Overall, most Dewalt D55146 review boards are filled with satisfied customers. The D55146 is designed for those that will be moving the compressor around regularly— both when moving from job-to-job or while getting work done, around a specific site. Bottom-line, the unit comes highly recommended for the ease of use and affordable pricing, making it worth a shot. And in case you need help with anything, you can bank on Dewalt D55146 manual that comes free with the unit.

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DEWALT D55146 4-1/2-Gallon 200-PSI Hand Carry Compressor with Wheels

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