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Looking for the best industrial screw air compressor, laser cutting machine, towable air compressor in Italy?

You can simply find them from local manufacturer and distributors.

We have done our due diligence and listed for you 10 reliable Industrial air compressor Manufacturers and Suppliers in Italy.

Next time you need to buy the Air compressor, simply contact them they will sort you out.

Here is the list of 10 Industrial air compressor Manufacturers and Suppliers in Italy.



1. Compressori Roma Italy

Address:Via della Rustica, 129, 00155 Roma RM, Italy
Plus code:WJ63+M9 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy


  • Alternative Compressors
  • Piston Compressors
  • High Pressure Compressors
  • Rotary Compressors in Packaging
  • Fixed speed rotary compressors


The compressors rome site, making use of the technical and professional knowledge resulting from over 30 years of experience and activity in the compressed air field, aims to offer the best solution to the requests and needs of its visitors.

Professionalism and skills allow us to identify the best solution to satisfy the compressed air needs of each activity.

Do not hesitate to contact the technical and commercial staff of CO.RI.MA.SRL, a leading company in central Italy for over 30 in the field of compressed air, will be happy to identify the best solution based on your needs to meet your every need. productive.  

The great experience gained allows us to offer ourselves as your partner for assistance with the ordinary or extraordinary maintenance of your compressor room, the services we offer range from the replacement of consumable parts such as air filters, oil filters, separator filters and lubricant to the overhaul of the units screws with replacement of the relative bearings.

We provide the compressed air leak detection service along the pneumatic pipe with ultrasound technology, to help our customers reduce operating costs. We carry out audits of the current consumption of the compressor room, developing solutions that allow a significant reduction in energy consumption.

For all your compressed air needs, contact us ……… we are your point of reference!



2. Elettrotecnica Venturini Maurizio Italy

Address:Via Portuense, 301, 00149 Roma RM, Italy
Plus code: VF87+RQ Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy




3. Hermes Aria Compressa Snc Di Caponetto Domenico & C. Italy

Address:Via Monte Nero, 82, 00012 Colleverde RM, Italy
Plus code: XJH9+39 Colle Verde, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy


  • Air compressors
    Air dryers
    Air filters
    Energy recovery
    Gas compressors



The history of Hermes Aria Compressa began in 1992 with a group of specialized technicians. Innovation and reliability have improved its reputation making it synonymous with quality and service in the compressed air sector.
The company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified and deals with the sale, rental, repair, maintenance and after-sales assistance of electro-compressors, motor-compressors, dryers, chillers, line filters, blowers and vacuum pumps, compressors for laboratories and dental offices, compressed air distribution systems .
The ultimate goal is to offer the customer the best quality / price ratio, offering optimized, energy-efficient solutions with an accurate cost analysis.


4. Romach Italy

Address:Viale Val Padana, 00141 Roma RM, Italy
Tel: +393457109444
Plus code: WGVF+27 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy




5. VIReCo Italy

Address:Viale Gorizia, 25/C, 00198 Roma RM, Italy
Plus code: WG96+VM Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



is a research project for the development of a new generation of reciprocating compressors for the refrigeration sector. The technology, derived from the automotive industry, will be able to optimize the energy efficiency of refrigeration systems, through a revolutionary design concept for reciprocating compressors. The introduction of a double vapor injection to the compressor cylinders, associated with the already consolidated use of economizers, will allow energy savings of up to 20%. The innovative software system for managing the refrigeration units thus equipped will also allow the optimization and continuous monitoring of energy performance.


6. C.L.A. COMPRESSORI Srls Italy

Address:Via del Poggio, 2, 04011 Aprilia LT, Italy
Plus code:HJXP+F2 Aprilia, Province of Latina, Italy




7. Zaffari Srl Italy

Address:Via Lauregno, 66, 00124 Roma RM, Italy
Plus code: P9MH+XJ Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

Products: Air compressor

Air dryer

Z Affari Srl, based in Rome, has thirty years of experience in the compressed air sector and its founder, Natalino Z Affari, has been operating in the sector since 1949, always with the Ceccato brand.
It is the concessionaire for Rome and the Province of CECCATO ARIA COMPRESSA , and is present on the market with a wide range of customers and systems installed.

Among the products we sell you can find, in addition to compressors, also air dryers, condensate separators, water / oil separators, compressed air tanks.

Particular attention is given to after-sales by carrying out routine maintenance in order to ensure optimal operation of the machinery at all times.

8. GFR Engineering Italy

Address:Via Basso dei Pozzi, 10, 00010 Gallicano nel Lazio RM, Italy
Plus code: VQ9G+W5 Gallicano nel Lazio, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



GFR Engineering born from the will of our team to continue to work in quality and empathy towards selected and qualified customers at the highest levels. The company was born from the spin off strongly desired by Riem service, in order to continue the traditions of a family, the Russos. Based on empathy towards the market and with the vision of a structured reality to develop not only its service roots in compressed air, but also to evolve more and more in the industrial, Oil & Gas and EPC sectors. In fact, for years, in addition to the industrial sectors, we have enriched ourselves with know-out in Oil & Gas and now we are one of the most accredited companies in engineering companies. In addition to the deep-rooted historical presence in Italy, 5 operating structures, 1 rental warehouse with over 100 compressors,


9. Techno Fittings S.r.l. Italy

Address:Via Michelangelo Tilli, 57/A/5, 00156 Roma RM, Italy
Plus code:WHM2+8Q Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy


Techno Fittings was born in Rome in 1989.  Our aim is to sell materials and instruments concerning fluids and gases’ handling applied to industry and scientific research. Over the years the company has grown up diversifying its activity into new sectors in order to satisfy new requirements and market evolutions.


10.  FIAC Air Compressors Spa Italy

Address:Via Vizzano, 23, 40037 Pontecchio Marconi BO, Italy
Plus code: C7C9+FW Pontecchio Marconi, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy



Fiac is an engineering company that has been involved in the development of compressed air solutions for over forty years. Founded in 1977 by the entrepreneur Romano Lucchi, Fiac is now part of the elite of air compressor manufacturers with four specific product lines: piston compressors, rotary screw compressors, dedicated accessories and air treatments.


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