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Looking for the best industrial screw air compressor, laser cutting machine, towable air compressor in Saudi Arabia?

You can simply find them from local manufacturer and distributors.

We have done our due diligence and listed for you 10 reliable Industrial air compressor Manufacturers and Suppliers in Saudi Arabia.

Next time you need to buy the Air compressor, simply contact them they will sort you out.

Here is the list of 10 Industrial air compressor Manufacturers and Suppliers in Saudi Arabia.



Address:King Fahd Road, Al Jawharah, Al Khobar 34431, Saudi Arabia
Plus code:86H3+3H Al Khobar Saudi Arabia


Our industrial ideas empower our customers to grow and drive society forward. We are pioneers and technology drivers, and industries all over the world rely on our passionate people and their expertise.

We have a long tradition of doing business in a sustainable way. This means that we do everything we can to create lasting value while safeguarding people, profit and the planet. We provide safe, reliable and energy efficient solutions to customers in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, construction, pharmaceutical, automotive and electronics.


2. Namerah Industrial Co. For Air Compressors Saudi Arabia

Address:street 41, New Industrial Area, Riyadh 14332, Saudi Arabia
Plus code: HV7Q+5P New Industrial Area, Riyadh Saudi Arabia


Namerah Industrial Co. For Air Compressors has specialized in the manufacturing of Air Compressors…

Namerah is a full-service manufacturing company offering a range of services including: Air Compressors, Air tank, Fuel Tank, Air Dryer, Air Filters and Screw Compressors.  Arrange as requirements, Project Management, Installation & Support.



3. QurumTechnical Saudi Arabia

Address:2314 Ahmad At Tamimi, 2340، Office NO:9، Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Plus code: MPHH+3W Al Malaz, Riyadh Saudi Arabia


  • Air compressors
    Air dryers
    Air filters
    Energy recovery
    Gas compressors


4. FS-Elliott Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Address:Industrial Area No.3, Al Jubail 35729, Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966133400302
Plus code: 2GW5+5W Al Jubail Saudi Arabia

About Us

FS-Elliott Saudi Arabia Ltd. & FS-Elliott Services Saudi Arabia Ltd. are two joint venture companies formed in 2008 to provide locally packaged reliable and energy efficient air solutions and after market services to our Middle East clientele.

The OEM, FS-Elliott Co., LLC USA, is a leading manufacturer of oil-free, integrally geared, multi-stage, centrifugal air compressor since 1962. It’s PAP PLUS® & POLARIS® product lines employ latest aerodynamic & controls technologies to ensure energy efficient performance for customized configurations and industrial applications. The company is supported by a global network of distributors and authorized factory trained service personnel to cater client needs all round the year.


5. Heli Forklift Advance machinery Est. Saudi Arabia

Address:2 St, Industrial Area No 1, Dammam 32234, Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966504594653
Plus code: C45M+QG Dammam Saudi Arabia


Anhui Forklift Group Co.,Ltd., founded in 1958, covers 2500 mu (411 acres), with about 8,000 employees, is mainly engaged in R&D and manufacturing of industrial vehicles, heavy-duty products, construction machinery and key components, At present, Anhui HELI is the R&D, manufacture and export base of industrial vehicles and Handling machinery with largest scale, the most complete industry chain in China,. Its core enterprise, Anhui HELI Co., Ltd was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in Oct, 1996. It’s ranked into as Top 8 biggest manufacturers of forklift trucks in the world.



6. Quincy Compressor Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Address:8009 أبي أمامة الأنصاري، Al Khalidiyyah, 4212, Riyadh 12874 4212, Saudi Arabia
Plus code:JQJ5+88 Al Khalidiyyah, Riyadh Saudi Arabia



Genuine Quincy Air Compressor Parts & Fluid
A Quincy air compressor is designed, engineered and built to provide many years of reliable service. You also get the benefit of industry-leading warranty programs for your protection and peace of mind, as well as 24-hour service via the extensive network of authorized Quincy dealers. What’s more, we also provide top-notch air compressor parts. We offer a wide selection of genuine Quincy compressor parts and air compressor fluid products so you’ll never have to worry about finding the air compressor parts you need to keep your compressor up and running.


7. Sullair Screw Compressors Saudi Arabia

Address:Exit 14, AL Rayan، Riyadh 14213, Saudi Arabia
Plus code: PQ2C+VG Ar Rayyan, Riyadh Saudi Arabia


For more than 55 years, Sullair has been on the leading edge of compressed air solutions. We were one of the first to execute rotary screw technology in our air compressors, and our machines are famous throughout the world for their legendary durability. As the industry moves forward, we will remain at the forefront with quality people, innovation, and air compressors that are built to last.


Sullair was founded in Michigan City, Indiana in 1965 and has since expanded to serve customers in every corner of the globe. We have offices in Chicago and manufacturing facilities in the United States and China – all ISO 9001 certified to ensure the highest quality standards in manufacturing. In addition, the Sullair Suzhou facility is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.


8. Ingersoll Rand main Saudia Arabia

Address:11421 Saudi Arabia
Plus code: QR9P+FP An Nahdah, Riyadh Saudi Arabia



TAMGO since 1991 has over two decades of continuous presence in Saudi Arabia, which provides us with an outstanding legacy of business experience to build upon for the years to come. Providing diverse and valued clients with a range of the world’s most advanced equipment – coupled with round-the-clock support and meaningful industry insight – means that TAMGO is ideally-placed to occupy the very best in the provision of industrial machinery that directly advances the development of the Kingdom.



9. Elgi Compressor Supplier Saudi Arabia

Address:​Al Malaz, ​Ahmad At Tamimi ​Al Mutanabi Street, Riyadh 11491, Saudi Arabia
Plus code:MPHH+3R Al Malaz, Riyadh Saudi Arabia



10. BRC COMPRESSORS Saudi Arabia

Address:Al Mashael, Riyadh 14327, Saudi Arabia
Plus code: JVCC+J5 Al Mashael, Riyadh Saudi Arabia



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